freeze frame screen kiss (addledgirl) wrote in extras_bbc,
freeze frame screen kiss

2 questions

So, now that the first season (only 6 episodes?!) is over, does anyone know if there is going to be a second season? (And if so, when?)

Also, I was curious as to whether the show is scripted or not.
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Sorry i cant answer your question but I hope there is a second season! i want this community to grow!
I'd venture that the show is heavily scripted. I know the Office was (in fact, you can buy the scripts...highly recommended).

I thought I read somewhere that there will be a second season, but it was probably on the internet...not reliable info.

i saw on HBO that a new season is planned for fall 2006. damn long time to wait, in my opinion.

yeah, the show is scripted you can already buy it here in NY. the actors are just brilliant